2007 Elbe and Weser

2007 Elbe and Weser -The trip started in Hamburg, where we had found a parking space by Ulrike and Andreas. Along the Elbe to Cuxhaven and from there to Bremerhaven where we caught the Weser river. The Weser River is the one the Germans are most proud of because, it is the only one of their rivers that starts and ends in Germany.

Elbe Weser 2 095
Karen by Weserstein on which is a verse that all German schoolchildren learn.

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Heligoland is characterized by the Germans using the island as an outpost against the English during both World War I and World War II.
Elbe Weser 1 093
A whole day in headwind, as seen on the horses' tails.
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Helgoland was a wonderful acquaintance. Probably the only island that has been destroyed by bombs. Fortunately, it does not succeed. On Helgoland is a duty free area, so booze and cigarettes galore.
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The memory is a hub in the German river and canal sailing. Here, the Mittelland Canal runs across the Weser River. Here you see the lock.
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One of the many beautiful houses in Hann. Münden. Definitely worth a visit.