Elberadweg - A fantastic trip from Dresden to Hamburg. In fact, one could still experience some of the old GDR in the small towns we came through.

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Frauenkirche i Dresden. Smashed in February 1945 and rededicated in 2005. Price 180 million EUR and all paid for by the local area. Impressively beautiful.


Practical information
Parking facilities in Hamburg click hereWe used Chicken post which currently costs 10 € a day, but there are many other options. Note, however, that it must be possible to park around the clock (dauerparken).

Trains from Hamburg to Dresden (non stop) run from Hamburg-Altona train station, which means good for getting on the train, which is always a good thing when arriving by bike and luggage. Remember to book in advance. I recommend booking no later than three months before departure. If you create a profile on bahn.de then you can both order and pay online.

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