2017 Mainradweg

This year's summer holiday should again be on two wheels. This time along the Main River in Germany from Kulmbach to Mainz.

The trip was planned for 516 km. and ended up that in 10 bike days we had driven 600 km. We had 2 rest days and 2 driving days, so 14 days in total. Wonderful 🙂

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See itinerary 2017 - Cycling holiday along Main

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The old town hall in Bamberg

As with all other cycling holidays in Germany, we have acquired the Bikeline map book of the Main cycle path. In addition, we had booked an overnight stay from home at Landgasthof Friedrich in Trebgast , here we could leave the car in while we cycled towards Mainz. The reason why it just happened in Trebgast was that here I could drive by train back to pick up the car.

Otherwise we had no planning, we just love to drive until we feel like finding a place to live.

Google Maps
Google Maps e1500882076563
This year it was new that we found most accommodations with Google Maps. It was super easy to see where we were and what was near hotels and inns. Once we agreed on where to live, one could just go a little further down the text and find the phone number and call. In the vast majority of cases, there was room for us as well. Once the appointment was in place, we cycled towards the hotel and when we thought we were close, we turned on the navigation. SUPER EASY and good.

Pick up the car
Da vi manglede to dage i at nå til Mainz, holdt vi en fridag hvor Karen kunne læse om Anker Jørgensen på sin iPad og jeg kunne arrangere hentning af bilen (hotel og togbillet til Trebgast) I forvejen havde jeg et login på Bahn.de og så skulle jeg finde ud af om jeg skulle tage med fra Mainz eller om der var der et sted, som ville være nemmere. Valget faldt på Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, der ligger 1,5 km. fra Main flodens udmunding. Der fandt jeg hotel Alte Post og reserverede to overnatninger. Banegården ligger lige over for hotellet, så det kunne ikke være nemmere. Samlet pris for togbillet med tre omstigninger (Frankfurt, Nürnberg og Bayreuth) var 44 €