Denmark and Germany

Denmark and Germany - We started from home the bike shed. There is a certain charm to it. The first part of the trip went to Harresø Kro . At first I was a little rusty, but shortly before Brande I told Karen that now I was ready. We bought lunch at Kvickly in Brande. All good from the delicacy. Now we continued the trip towards Harresø, but I had barely reached the city sign before my legs felt like two pieces of cooked spaghetti. The will was good enough, but the abilities were gone. It was a tough fight to get to Harresø. Many stops along the way. So there is a difference in what to do after lunch - I learned.

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The bikes are ready for departure. After Harresø Kro we continued (now with good legs) to Skærup, where we visited Annette and Jørgen with an overnight stay with Siri and Nis, who were on summer vacation in Norway.

2012 Denmark-Germany-1

We enjoy the view from the old Little Belt Bridge .

the cycling holiday from home to the Little Belt and from here along the west coast of Funen to Assens and Fåborg. On to Ærø and Lolland. By ferry from Rødby to Puttgarten on Fehmarn.